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  1. Hallo Daniela,schön dass du so einen tollen Erfolg gleich hier reinschreibst! Gratulation deiner Tochter. Also diese Zeit ist echt spitzenklasse. Also wenn ihr mal einen Manager sucht der deine Tochter vermarkten soll meldet euch…. Wir werden noch viel mehr Erfolgsstories von deiner Tochter lesen. Und deinen Stolz kann ich als 6-facher Vater gut nachvollziehen.Run ON!Willi

  2. le procès montre que De Villepin a cru au moins un temps que les listings étaient vraiment ceux des rétro commissions des frégates Taïwanaises.Ceci indique que la Présidence de la République n’a pas été informée des bénéficaires de ces rétro-commission ni du temps de la gauche, ni après le retour aux affaires de la droite. Qui sait donc. Car en principe les commissions sont identifiées dans les services de l’Etat. Cela est le sujet intriguant. de’élyséee

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  5. TRX Class: So obsessed with the TRX! I use it in every one of my stregnth workouts and if I had to own only one piece of fitness equipment this would be it. Well the TRX and kettlebells and a BOSU and…who am I kidding, I can’t own just one! You can take TRX classes at many gyms and some even offer bootcamp styles with cardio intervals or tabata protocal. Muscle toning, calorie burning goodness!

  6. И где берётся так много фантазии?: -) Ну прям писатель: ) А если серьзно хорошо сочинили, это я вам как проффесионал говорю!

  7. Took me time for you to read all the observations, but I truly enjoyed the post. It proved to be in actuality helpful to me and I’m sure to all of the commenters right here! It’s usually huge when you can not just be informed, but additionally engaged! I’m certain you had enjoyable writing this write-up.

  8. C’est inexact : Hollande s’est majoritairement fait élire pour virer Sarkozy !Si vous interrogez autour de vous ceux qui ont voté Hollande, bien peu l’ont fait par pure conviction, mais plutôt parce qu’il n’y avait personne d’autre pour qui voter (rappelez-vous vous : en dehors des partis extrémistes (extrême gauche ou extrême droite), il ne restait que Sarkozy, Hollande, Bayrou (tout seul), Joly (pas à la hauteur) et Cheminade (qui ?) ; donc le choix était limité !)

  9. Pat, kuumaa teetä on tullut juotua ehkä enemmän kuin koskaan. Annika, voi että, nyt minua harmittaa entistä enemmän. Huomisesta en vielä oikein tiedä, jos olen järkevä, niin jätän väliin, mutta… Eilisestä kerrasta pitää kysyä, jos saan mennä seuraavan crossfit kurssin kanssa käymään sen.Sairastaminen on surkeeta!

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  11. Det er litt vanskelig Ã¥ si om du gjør noe feil, eller om det bare er kroppen som har en utrolig adaptiv forbrenning (hvis sÃ¥ stemmer, sÃ¥ trenger du ikke være redd for det voldsomme muskelsvinnet), men jeg ville gitt det en uke til. Fyll pÃ¥ med 200g karbohydrater en dag, ogsÃ¥ kjører du en 10 dagers – og gjør opp status da.

  12. Badur,You obliously don’t have family or children living with you. If you did you would feel like it does when you are trying to get breakfast ready for kids going to school or trying to potty train a young one when that enormous toilet is shaking while you are in the midst of trying to explain why that is the safe place to “go”. Don’t bother trying to glorify this project or it’s means. The fact remains that the WRONG EQUIPMENT was used in this area.Learn about the facts before you adore the equipment being used.

  13. yesss, this is my exact uniform too. sometimes I feel like I'm being boring but then I consider that my armpits are cool and happy. also finding that sleeveless tops are particularly appealing right now. and have heard so many great things about Just Kids. wanted to get a copy before traveling but alas left it too late. so it lives up to the hype then? also cheers for the lovely comment!

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  15. I can honestly say I’ve never seen coconut milk yoghurt but it sounds delish!! We are definitely not spoiled for choice here in Australia so being “almost vegan” is a struggle for me. Our supermarkets have a very limited health food section and our specialty stores don’t have much on offer. I nearly died and went to heaven when I saw “Wholefoods” in the USA the last time I was there! We don’t have anything like it here.Your maple cinnamon pecan milk sounds TDF by the way!

  16. I test drove a Forte. It was sunny, but it wasn’t too hot. It rained 3 hours before. When the salesman pulled out the car from the lot, he had to turn the AC all the way up because it was pretty hot inside. I sat in, it was still hot. I put my hands over the vent but it didn’t feel cold. After the test drive, it wasn’t hot anymore, but I didn’t feel cold either. It is only May, I wonder what it will be like in August. Is the AC just really weak? How about heat?

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  20. There is a reason there are no old fat-positive advocates. The physical stress placed on the heart can start to show as early as 40 for some overweight women, along with joint-related pains. I’m not a mean crank, just type ‘effects of obesity in middle age’ into a search engine. Obesity has proven to be a complex issue, and while no-one should be stigmatized I find it alarming that some vibrant young people are finding it something to be embraced and celebrated.

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  24. you are fucking idiot, since im a subscriber the world has finished 100 times according to your “SIGNS”these signs are in for centuries there is nothing new in 2012!!!you keep referring to mayan calendar you fucking piece of shit mayans are occult civilization what can they have in common with Christianity? the human sacrifices? human gutting? believing in cosmos?If you really paid attention while reading bible you should know, no man no devil not even the son (Jesus) knows the END date!!!

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