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  3. No me creo el rollo de la independencia y no hago caso de lo que diga el Financial Times. Cada vez que a Mas le sale alguna cosilla mal salta como un resorte el FT, como si a Mas le hubieran dado en la rodilla, acto reflejo. No me creo nada. Sólo espero que si alguien se vea obligado a irse, sea Mas y no Lara.

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  5. OK, bästa Anne! Du väljer vad du gör. Men tanken slår mig att du möjligen inte vill att det hela skall komma till ett The End? Hoppas att jag har fel. Du behöver inte radera texterna men placera dem i skräpposten. Därifrån kan de vid behov återställas. Men, som sagt, du gör vad du gör! God Jul! Mvh.

  6. Please elaborate on your statement(s): “Already I can see that millions of Americans are locking themselves into their own “die-off” prisons and the realization will not hit them for several years. I would not want to be locked in that virtual prison knowing my fate there.”What error are you trying to identify?

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  9. I am bad when it comes to gaming. One of the first things I do, is set the graphics to low or medium. I don’t think I’ve played games on high graphic settings since I first bought the computer I use today. I am always worried that I’ll get 5-10fps, as I only have a GeForce 7800 in my desktop. :$ Maybe next year I’ll get a new, bigger, faster computer… if I can afford it…lol. Good luck with your new video card. I hope it works well.

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  11. I know right wingers are going to lose their fucking minds when I say this but people on unemployment and foods stamps GROW THE ECONOMY. Food stamps are LITERALLY a free lunch. They produce economic growth at a rate 4-5 TIMES the rate of tax cuts! Its people on FOOD STAMPS that are the job creators – economic growth has been SLAUGHTERED over the last 30 years of the libertarian dictatorship – where the FUCK are right wingers CLAIMING growth is going to come from then? THEY ARE FUCKING INSANE!

  12. Best thing about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is definitely the assortment of food and the unity it brings! Colourful mooncakes, the white soft cookie/bread and pamelos.The tradition of gathering everyone for a short prayer under the brightly lit moon, with lanterns everywhere, kids running around and lanterns accidentally burning up, causing minor fires bring a lot of excitement. And the evolution of lanterns to battery driven ones always amazes me. This is a great tradition that reminds me what being in a Chinese family is all about, unity and great food.

  13. I am so stunned that you're willing to offer this. Thank you so so so so so much! I'm in! And I'm shocked that you didn't think your class would fill. I cannot wait to meet you and my all my guild buddies that are traveling together feel the same way. I'll order what I need when I get home. 🙂 Yaaay such a positive turn from yesterday. I'll probably hug you at some time over the weekend – just giving you some warning. lol

  14. re: Bergen County layoffs.The layoffs are due to the fact the the Union would not give in any consessions. They would rather jettison 5% of their workforce than have a co-pay for medical, or have the employees contribute to their retirement. I believe they also offered buyouts to a bunch of the senior employees but less than 10% accepted.

  15. It was a privilege to attend the inaugural concert in the Sheldonian last night. Fiercely committed, moving, sensitive and (not least) witty. As good as I have ever heard. A test for me of great Beethoven playing is that it should “get you” in the body as well as in the ears and mind. That somatic, dance-like dimension was more apparent than I can ever remember. Thank you.Martin Kemp

  16. Nov06Carrie Allen Becky, thanks for the comment. I totally hear you and I am judged for my beliefs all the time too. I definitely understand your position as I was once there. I think that sometimes different life experiences lead us in a journey where we stand for different things. God has made us all unique in this way, and I am thankful that you are concerned for the poor and the less fortunate.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

  17. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE NICE COMMENTS!! This thing was growing for a few years on my dad’s back, and I finally convinced him to let me take care of it a couple weeks ago. This is the first time we filmed it, but we will certainly film it again next time. Also, I will do a few things differently next time. (On a side note….thank everyone for viewing. In 4 days it has almost 2000 views on youtube!)

  18. [63] LibI sold in Philly in early 2008. Market was off, but the relo incentives more than made up for it, so it was like selling at the top. We bought in the brig just before the crash. I was nervous about the market, and had considered renting, but I figured that the balloon had deflated a lot, and would not deflate much more. Also, I was getting a great deal of heat from the spouse about not being an owner. Should have gone with my gut.

  19. Good day! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  20. Believe it or not, the most deprived region of England is that idyllic holiday-spot Cornwall. It has the highes unemployment and lowest wages in Britain. Also very deprived are the former coal-mining towns of the Rhondda Valley in South Wales. But neither of these areas saw wholesale looting.They are also some of the whitest areas in Britain.

  21. This really captures the joy of doing children's events! Hope you have brilliant fun at the Imagine festival.It seems to be getting really hard to sell books at events, especially in schools. I'm sure that many people don't quite understand how the author, book and publisher relationship works. If you don't sell the books, you end up being an unpublished author.

  22. J’avoue que je suis passée par une période de doute. Je me sentais totalement perdue. En fait, je crois que j’ai trop écouté les personnes qui me veulent du bien. Et du coup, j’ai agi, non pas en fonction de ce que je suis vraiment mais en fonction de l’image que mes amis ont (et veulent garder) de moi.Je me suis perdue dans leurs yeux. J’ai agi précipitamment et j’ai du faire marche arrière. J’en dirai plus, plus tard.Au fait, j’aime beaucoup ce que tu écris.

  23. Man y'all Knee-grows are funnier than that time I through that bottle of Ipecac in the Monkey Cage at Zoo-Atlanta… So ya gotta find out what color the Rape-ee is before ya decide who's in the right??, let me Splain' it for y'all.. The "Accused" rapists are BLACK, so they're the bad guys, no matter what color the Rape-ee is, and BTW, shes blacker than Ted Kennedy's Soul.. Your welcome, now get make in your effin Cage..Frank

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