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  2. Aplicaciones de viajes como labtrip o de imágenes como hipster me he encontrado que no son compatibles con mi versión de android. Y hay muchas aplicaciones que directamente las hacen para apple porque la versión es única y en android hay versión y sistemas diferentes según los dispositivos, gingerbread, froyo, honeycomb.. Y además la pantalla de mi ipod es mayor que la de mi smartphone y me es más cómodo utilizarla a veces.

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  4. I wish they made one for larger babies. i have a sleep sack for Macy but its just not the same as the awesome swaddler she grew out of. []Sherry Reply:June 11th, 2012 at 5:47 amUse 1 1/2 Yards of 60″ wide material, follow thw instructions just enlarge everything. My grandson liked being swaddled until he was about 9 months old. This fits a big baby. Also if I make another big one I will use velcro.[]

  5. Non riesco a trattenere la fantasia, e già vedo il corpo astrale di Stefano galleggiare negli appartamenti pontifici inseguendo silenziosamente i movimenti sigillosi di Paoletto, fino alla sua scrivania dove nasconde(?) assegni e documenti. Stefano era lì, ed ha visto tutto, proprio tutto. La Gendarmeria Vaticana usa spesso i servizi di questi sensitivi.

  6. La posture de la ministre est également risible, à mon avis, parce qu’elle est dans la position classique du cocu, le dernier à connaître son infortune. L’optimisme forcé de la ministre donne l’impression qu’elle est la dernière à se rendre compte que tout va mal. Le public, qui n’est pas dupe, en rit naturellement.NB Comme un critique d’art voit souvent dans un tableau plus de choses que le peintre n’a pensé y mettre, mon analyse va au-delà de celle du Maître, exposée un peu plus haut.

  7. My pleasure! Actually, it made a really nice change to arrive at the club with some kind of plan in mind this week – certainly beats the usual awkward phase of hovering around for 10 – 15 minutes trying to settle on something to play… or watching people make excuses and run away at the mere suggestion of playing a Uwe Rosenberg title…

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  9. I planted several packets of these Sunny flowers and enjoyed them this past summer…. mine ended up being of the smaller variety and they gave me their sweet yellow smiles throughout the later summer on my patio…..thanks Albert….. I think it’s a good idea to soak them over night first and plant them in a large enough container to handle a good root system….

  10. "Szeretem, amikor fröcsögtök, szeretem, amikor dühöngtök, szeretem, amikor féltek – nem vagytok jól. :-)"Ezt valami alternatív univerzumból írod? Rajtad kívül itt senki sem dühöng, és a félelem se az a kimondott érzés, amit a fröcsögésed olvasása közben érzek… Inkább azt saccolgatom, kábé mennyi idÅ‘d van még a komplett összeomlásig és/vagy teljes háttérbe szorulásig, bármelyik is legyen elÅ‘bb.

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  12. Agreed that the search results are often ambiguous and overwhelming. Even the ratings are less than helpful at times, and I really can’t trust what others are rating certain apps…. Take Root only apps for example… People rate these 1-star because they can’t get it to work. This makes finding an app, especially emerging ones, very difficult to choose.I think more/different categories, and maybe better use of keywords would help immensely. Just my $0.02

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  14. Caligula dit :La théorie pluraliste en démocratie : La participation politique active des masses n’est ni possible, ni nécessaire, ni souhaitable. Il faut une pluralité d’élites qui se font concurrence pour l’obtention du pouvoir. Les principaux défenseurs de cette théorie : Tocqueville, Aron, Dahl, Schumpeter, Hungtington.

  15. Luc dit :L’animateur était spécial quand même, il est contre tous forme de force/violence contre les gens, donc il contre :La policeLes taxes et impôt.Les lois.L’interviewé et l’intervieweur sont dans 2 extrêmes totales, probablement que la position raisonnable entre les deux (parfois la force gouvernementale est correct quand elle est appliqués sur un individu qui brise une loi juste par exemple).

  16. 1 6-12-12 Dice: De acuerdo, sé que los perros se acercan a conocer a otros, el problema es que ya tres veces perros agresivos callejeros le han pegado al mio o lo han intentado… a eso me refiero… llegan en mala y como mi perro se asusta, arranca y es ahí donde lo quieren morder… sé que mucho es por mis propios temores, pero mi pregunta apuntaba hacia que hacia si el perro agresivo quiere pegarle al mio y como lo hago para proteger al mio sin que en el camino salga herido el, yo o el otro perro… ¿cómo reaccionar? eso… +3Fue útil la respuesta?

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  18. Perhaps a good hail storm would take care of the Crystal “Cathedral”.It always amused me how Protestants would call one of their churches a “Cathedral” because a Cathedral is, of course, the Cathdera or seat of the bishop of a diocese. Protestants have no right at all to use the term. But it is strange that they would even want to.As I said, a decent hail storm should take care of the Crystal “Cathedral”. It is totally hideous as far as a liturgically correct church goes – so perhaps that is why a Catholic diocese is keen to buy it.

  19. Thank you. I stand with Adam Smith, though: “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. It is impossible indeed to prevent such meetings, by any law which either could be executed, or would be consistent with liberty and justice. But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies; much less to render them necessary.” bjg

  20. 206Marcela e Carlos, também fiz uma compra na ASOS exatamente no dia 10 de maio que foi despachada no dia 14. Até agora, também não consta nada no site dos Correios. Estou estranhando a demora, pois normalmente as minhas compras da ASOS levam de duas a três semanas para chegar, mas estou tentando ter paciência porque sei que outras levam mais de um mês mesmo. E parece que a Receita está passando pente fino nas encomendas internacionais, aí tão cedo não chega!

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  23. La religion est l'opium des peuples. Ceux qui n'en ont pas sont des victimes potentiels des sectes. Mais on peut considérer que les religions sont des sectes qui ont bien marché…Par contre, il n'y a pas que "cette sujétion psychologique qui les met dans des situations dangereuses, pour leur survie financière"…Je crois que le plus grand danger démontré à ce jour sont les actions de cette poignée d'individus toxiques qui dirigent le monde.

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