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  1. John F. Kennedy understood that cutting tax rates stimulates the economy and so increases tax revenue. And good luck finding a conservative that supports government subsidies to farmers – have no idea where that came. Believe it or not, most conservatives DO believe in helping those who cannot help themselves but I find it hard to believe that the this applies to all 50% of those receiving government aide today.

  2. Have been watching the weather forecast for the east coast of the US, of course. But over here, the temperature has been back in single digits (Celsius) for a few days, with an Arctic high pressure system oozing it's way from north to south. Some are already speculating that it is the onset of a negative Arctic Oscillation — the pattern that gave us the freezing winters of '09 and '10. I hope not. It's a grim enough time of year already — today is the first of ninety-one days on which the sun sets before 5pm. I can well understand why we built fifty centuries ago as a monument to the return of the sun.

  3. Such a lovely assortment of flowers in your garden … even if there’s just a few they are all fabulous looking blooms. My favourite is definitely the Scaevola Aussie Salute … and not just because of its’ name either! You have so many plants that are familiar to me and grow here as well.

  4. That lovely little flower she slaps everywhere is stolen art. She bought the photos for use in her cd cover and has taken the liberty of slapping it on her website, t-shirts and anything she can sell. An artist taking advantage of another another artist's work for profit with no permission or royalties. Lovely music, shameful practice. She's lucky Angelina is too nice to say anything.

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  7. Hi Lesley, I’ve heard lots of people say that is you redraw a published diagram you are not in breach of its copyright, how true is this? I guess there has to be an amount of difference… i.e. tracing it is not likely to be differnet but if it is redesigned and altered in layout would that be differnet?Reading your points above, if a photo is taken of the diagram isn’t that then my copyright and I can do with it as I please?Thanks, your help is great in this complex area!

  8. Hej, okno w Niebie jest znów otwarte.Kto chce i w to wierzy, może przejrzeć się w jego szybach.Nie pozwól, by słabsi od Ciebie budzili w TOBIE negatywne emocje. To tak, jakby wygrali.A przecież, sięgając po pieniądze najsłabszych, sami przegrywają, tracąc resztki człowieczeństwa.Pozdrawiam Cię!

  9. Nydelig himmelbilder:)Jeg fjernet ordbekreftelsen for over et Ã¥r siden og har ikke fÃ¥tt en eneste spamkommentar inn pÃ¥ bloggen. Jeg fÃ¥r mailvarsling om de men blogger stopper de! SÃ¥ no prob… Jeg hÃ¥per alle fjerner denne forferdelige bekreftelsen…skal man kommentere pÃ¥ mange blogger, blir disse et hærk! Og sÃ¥ lenge det funker veldig bra uten, sÃ¥ ser jeg ikke problemet med Ã¥ fjerne det.Ha en super kveld:)


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  12. “GÃ¥tt ganska bra” är till och med en underdrift. FramgÃ¥ngsrik pÃ¥ mÃ¥nga sätt inte minst internationellt. Skapade och sÃ¥lde sin bloggportal för miljonbelopp tidigare i Ã¥r, gästdesigner för H&M och Guess. Modellande i alla möjliga tidningar senast Vouge. Dessutom ligger hon bakom märket Nowhere, tidningen Styleby och blev utsett till Victoria Secrets cybergirl.

  13. My point is that you didn’t see an increase in spending relative to GDP. Federal spending had been increasing at the same rate since the early 70′s. It never translated into trillions of dollars in debt until Reagan cut taxes on the rich by 50%. Yes, Volcker increased interest rates sky high starting in ’79, and had begun to relax them by Nov of ’81. The first Reagan tax cuts were phased in, having it’s strongest effect in ’82. And THAT is when unemployment reached double digit levels. ,

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  15. It's so nice to see you out and in town I think getting to see other people's towns is so much fun. I love the dress I think it looks awesome with those boots. Veggie Masala sounds so yummy. We have a market here from summer to late fall and it really is the best way to go. Everything is TONS cheaper and it always tastes fresh. I love the nectarines we get there 🙂

  16. I see this new turn in Google to be a nightmare for SEO/SEM. I also see if making Adwords almost pointless unless you are a large corp that can spend 100's of dollars a day on advertising. What do we need to put all letters of the alphabet in our SEO. Obscure words (or not words), like od, ti, and po. I bet Google is already planning on penalizing if you do that. Is Google going to release a new handbook on their changes to help SEO sites. Will only websites like Facebook and Yahoo always win in search queries?

  17. “Prawactwo na s24 traktuje rzeczywistosc wybiorczo, jeno widzi to, co mu wygodne.” Co Pan taka pierwsza naiwna? Nie tylko na S24 ale w ogóle jest naprawdÄ™ niewielu w peÅ‚ni obiektywnych ludzi ( no chyba że sÅ‚ynÄ…cy z pochylania siÄ™ nad prawdÄ… komuniÅ›ci i lewacy).Od “pandady” nadal oczekujÄ™ odpowiedzi.

  18. I love that cardigan. Must win lottery.I also have a denim skirt I would love but for the too-high front slit. I hate the front slit on general principle. Who ever thought it was a good idea to slit a skirt in such a way that you risk flashing your hoo-ha every time you sit down? Grumble. Grumble. Oh well, when I win the lottery, I will also have skirts custom-made. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

  19. "Obama is a "self-made man"? Ridiculous.Self-made in the sense that he didn't inherit his political power from his daddy like Bush or from his spouse like Hillary. Now obviously he had a lot of crucial help from rich and powerful supporters like Oprah, but being able to gain the support of rich and powerful people is the modern definition of political talent."As as Steve speculates, the CIA favor bank helped him along at times.

  20. segun el Doctor Aroma Narizon, me recomendo Butterfly Kiss y me pregunta: dos cosas que necesito para que un beso sea perfecto, primero el beso frances (profundo y apacionado pero eso si, nada babeado) segundo y muy importante que la persona que yo bese NO tenga un super aliento a MONDRAGON! que me queme hasta las pesta~as, por el contrario que su linda y jugosa boca huela a dulce melocoton. linda-grey10 at hotmail dot com

  21. That article is inaccurate.All the acetaminophen proposals I've seen are to ban it only in combination products. Many people just can't correctly read labels and do arithmetic when they are sick, which is compounded by most of the combinations including sedatives intended to shut down thinking processes. We have done the experiment, folks can't do it, and the resulting carnage costs on the order of a billion dollars a decade.You would still be able to buy acetaminophen by itself. Sick people seem to do a lot better when you reduce the instructions to "Eight pills a day. Never more."

  22. he had “loaned the key to a friend and forgot to get it back”. So we made love with the boat tied to the dock, the waves from the wakes of other boats providing the perfect momentum for Arthur to enter and exit me with his perfect, chiseled cock. Our weekend together was like a dream. Even though he said I have the anus of a “New York 4.5″, Arthur loved me like a man is supposed to love another man – hard and deep. I just wanted to tell everybody that. It makes me jealous when I see him posing with girls. Everybody knows he loves penis. It makes me so jealous.

  23. malheureusement, vous allez payer le prix fort pour l´inconscience des générations qui vous auront précédés. Et je le répète, il est désespérant de voir que la plupart des seniors refusent de renoncer un tant soit peu à leur confort matériel. Le partage, ils ne veulent pas en entendre parler. Cela me met en rogne quand j´essaye de discuter avec ce genre de personnes. Bon, soyons juste, il y en a de raisonnables mais ce n´est pas la majorité.

  24. mayra… las cosas HOLISTICAS no son medicina, son formas de pensar que las hacen pasar como reales, pero son tonterías sin fundamento que pueden llegar a daniar a las personas e inclusive matar! aquí vas a encontrar EVIDENCIA de productos milagro y de charlatanerías… asi que si crees en la magia y no en la EVIDENCIA y la REALIDAD… sorry! esta pagina no es para ti!

  25. – but it seems somehow to have been agreed upon by the powers that be that “this is how we all will describe them”, and I personally don’t get that. I missed the memo. From President Bush down, they are described as “cowardly”, and I personally think it’s too soft.I do understand what you’re describing, though, and like I said over at Emily’s: it does make sense. I just don’t like it, personally.

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